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Gourmet Chocolates

Chocolate Lovers Chocolate, an elegant gift, an unforgettable indulgence. Delivery anywhere in India.

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Our Creative theme cakes crafted specially for you will surely make your special occasion a memorable one.

Party Cakes

Delicious fresh cream butterscotch cake covered with crunchy butterscotch.

Chocolate Bouquets

Beautiful Bouquets that never dry but can melt in your mouth. Delivery anywhere in India.

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Buttery Cookies & French Macarons make for an ultimate all in one treat for your family.

INR 426

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Pure Belgian Chocolate Bliss

Pure Belgian Chocolate Bliss - Indulge in a Chocolaty affair with every bite.

Chocolate Assortment

Pure Nut Lovers Chocolate Assortment is a delicious treat for all the chocolate lovers.

Pure Artisan Chocolate

An assortment of Artisan Chocolates. Delicious Chocolates for Diwali.