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About Us

Thank you for your interest to know about us. Myself Anbuchelvan along with my wife Dhivya started Chocko Choza in the year 2007 in a small place in Coimbatore, South India to make our life. We both are from agriculturalist's families from nearby villages. We studied engineering, worked few years in different corporate companies and entered this business with a tiny capital and huge hope.

We wanted to achieve freedom to accomplish what we wished with ethical earnings, this was our only expectation from this entrepreneurship journey when we started. We never had dreams of becoming big, but we always had dreams to become good, better and best in Quality. This is one reason we invested a lot in Kitchen n People and a little for our Store front & Interiors. Quality is my passion and luckily my previous experience also fuelled it a lot. I was inspired by Japanese way of working through JIT expert Mr.Hiroyuki Hirano, I was lucky to work under his guidance for few years. With this exposure we were competent to create and promote extraordinary quality, innocuous products that are value for money and heart filling consistently.

In the long run, Business had grown. We are gifted with amazing customers and team members. We as a team wanted to be humble always, we all know that “Employers only handle the money – it is the Customer who pays the wages.” as said by Henry Ford we really work hard, we acknowledge our mistakes, we apologize wholeheartedly, we continuously work for improvements and we have implemented a lot of Kaizens to avoid error re-occurrence and ensure customer excitement.

We didn't learn baking from text books, but we experimented and learnt it in Engineer's & Agriculturist's way. Indubitably books would have not thought us so much so quickly. We believe that food has to be safe than just being aesthetically eye catching. We food manufacturers hold the most noble responsibility in people's health as our products have the privilege to get inside their tummies. We realized this soon, and that's where we took a stand to bake and promote products only using safe and quality ingredients. We have never added preservatives, artificial flavours, hydrogenated vegetable fat, premixes, improvers, etc. We bake everything from scratch & authentically as we do not believe in modern cost reduction shortcuts.

We continuously develop and introduce trendy, tasty, quality and beautiful products. We now have a state of art production facility with best in class machines, three retail store in Coimbatore along with a web store, huge variants of unique products and recipes along with the best people in the team. All together with us we assure for joyous, healthy and convenient celebrations.

Thank you all customers for Understanding our values and making us a brand and giving us a meaningful life. Undoubtedly it was a memorable journey for us to cherish with you always.

Thank you so much for your trust and time.

On behalf of everyone in our team.

CEO & Co Founder,
Chocko Choza.