This commemoration of friendship calls for a grand celebration in Chocko Choza – because Chocko Choza envisions celebrating Chocolates and Cakes at whatever means possible. So, get ready to taste the gooeyness with much of fervour as Chocko Choza brings to you a delectable range of chocolates and cakes crafted specially to make your day even more special!

They say, “There’s nothing better a friend unless it is the friend with chocolate”. So, here we go bringing to you exclusive friendship day gifts just to this day chocoliscious.

Surprise your chocoholic friend with this beautiful chocolate bouquet. Chocolates enwrapped in glitzy wrappers with flowers arranged by will induce a feeling of compassion between both of you. Maybe you opt out to indulge in those chocolates on the special day and then store the bouquet on your table to cherish the memory for long!

Tie the band of love on your bestie’s hand and bind yourselves into an eternal bond of love. But wait! This band isn’t just another friendship band in the lot. It is smeared with the gooeyness of darkest of chocolates just to enlighten your endurance by exponential times.

This is our favourite. It holds the age old tradition to exchange cards – but with a twist! The card takes the form of a luscious chocolate presenting its flat slab for you to write your heart out. A greeting card escorts though to throw a feel of nostalgia when your friend opens up this pack after years down the line.

As the year progressed, you & your companions have shared a great deal of extraordinary moments; you've snickered together, cried together, had both great times & awful so proceed & commend this day. This Friendship Day, impart the sweetness of your fellowship to the most recent scope of Chocolates particularly intended for this blissful event. Chocolates which will doubtlessly loan an incredible flavour to a unique bond you impart to your companion!

Calling home all the chocoholics! Celebrate this friendship with the best chocolate shop in India – Chocko Choza!