Just as Friendship never gets old, Cakes and chocolates are never had enough...

 Any occasion is locked forever with sweet memories. To be treasured in the good books of love and life, events have mandatory and special mentioning of sweets – cakes all the more in particular. From kids to grannies – who doesn’t love to smudge a cake on face?

Send your bestie this friendship day awesome cakes and chocolate surprises crafted to delight. From pure chocolate cakes to printed chocolates, we are here to spoil you with choices. So, let’s unwind the bond again, let’s indulge in treasured memories, let’s savour the moment with special sweet treats...

Have you ever thought of surprising your best buddy on a special day? If not, this friendship you can knock your friend with a sweet surprise from Chocko Choza. How?

Gift him a real sin:

From an aromatic dark rum chocolate cake to a delicious and flavour loaded luxury chocolate boxes, let your bestie indulge in the real sin! Explore a spectacular range of chocolates, cakes and bouquets to gift your buddy. Just shop and let us ship it to his address to drop the surprise bomb!

Knock him to a thrilling surprise – just in the middle of the night!

Friendship stays fresh and young always with little bit of surprises now and then... We make is a bit easier for you!

Order any item from our tempting range of products and request for a midnight delivery. Our boys will be at the doorstep with your gift just on the time you wanted – during a drop dead silent night!!

Make him feel all the more special by publicly sharing his memories

When you unlock the treasured memories in public, nostalgia ripples and flashbacks sizzle afresh.

Take part in Chocko Choza Friendship Day Contest 2016. Share your best kept memories on Chocko Choza Facebook wall and win loads of appreciations. And because sharing is always rewarding, you can also stand a chance to win a FREE CAKE too! Visit our Facebook Page to know more on this...