"August" is "auspicious", especially when you are blessed with friends around! We are truly blessed with precious friends who come our ways everyday in form of our appreciators, well wishers, critics, supporters and absolutely our passion partners – 'YOU'! We believe our customers are the only reason as to why "August" is really "auspicious" for us. Hence we, launched a contest in the name of "friendship" – to share our happiness, make bonds even stronger and reward our friends with small token of happiness which are capable of. 

“Friendship Day Contest 2016” began with real gusto! Many such influencing and inspiring posts flooded our wall which the world liked and shared and we appreciated, felt being heard and honoured too!! The contest is now closed leaving behind a bond that’s stronger than ever between Chocko Choza and its customers... its friends...

We are now, so, taking the stage and asking few minutes of yours to smile and applaud with us as we announce the winners of the Friendship Day Contest 2016. Here go the names of the winners:

1. Swarna Latha
2. Mugundan K
3. Prabhu Loganathan
4. Reema Gupta Garg
5. Niharika Chawla
6. Sachin Sms
7. Ramakrishnan Paluthodiyil
8. Manju Viswanathan
9. Saranya Anand Kumar
10. Shanmugapriya S

All Winners win a FREE Cakes, as promised in the beginning of the contest. Hope this FREE Cake delights your friendship day with extra sweetness and fun!!