The Cake Cutting Guide
Cake cutting might seem to be an easier job but precisely speaking, it is not so. If people are not trained to cut a cake, a cake for 150 people will end up serving to 100 people only. A common scenario is of a mother of a bride who yells at the end of cake cutting ceremony on the size of cake. So guys, beware of cutting a cake and serving to the guest entering at the end of party as well...
Before you are blamed for not serving to guests well, here are few tips on how to cut them well :

  • Two people are always better on job than one, especially for the cakes which are larger and complex ones. While one cuts into pieces, the other one distributes.
  • Keep a damp towel by your side to wipe the knife after few cuts. If knife is sticky the slices will be spoilt with non-uniform sizes and become untidy at the edges. In worst cases, they will end up in rumbles on plates.
  • While square or rectangular shaped cakes are easy to cut, the round ones are difficult. However, the thumb of rule is that it should measure 1" by 2" by tier depth or an equivalent measure.

How to cut:
Insert the knife inside the tiers and separate the layers gently. Then start cutting the tiers into slices. For the slices, follow the guidelines according to different shapes.

Round Tiers:
Move inside with 2 inches from the outer edge and cut a circle. Slice the circle with 1 inch width and length. After this circle finishes, move 2 inches inside again and cut in 1 inch slices again. The centre core of each tier the top tier can be cut into 3, 4, 5 or 6 equal pieces.

Square or Rectangular Tiers:
Move in 2 inch from outer edge and cut a line. Cut this line in 1 inch slices. Move another 2 inch and cut them into 1 inch slices. Repeat until it finishes off.

Heart Tiers:

Put ½,¼,1/6,1/8 cuts and so on horizontally on the cake. Each row should contain equal 1 inch slices.

Oval Tiers:

Move in 2 inches inside and cut 1 inch slice. Move another 2 inches inside and cut into 1 inch slices each. Continue till it finishes off.

Hope the cake cutting guide will not make the mother of bride grim with fury again!
Continue ordering, cutting and enjoying!!
Stay tuned for more...