Chocko Choza’s governing desire to maintain purity and quality for chocolates and cakes is apparent on cookies, truffles, macaroons, cup cakes, nutella and more. Chocolate Bouquets, Cakes and Personalized Chocolate Bars are some of the other invaluable mentioning. Chocko Choza’s greatest virtue lies in 100% customer satisfaction that entails within experienced blending and baking, timely delivery and taking into account minutest of customer grievances, if any. This season, Chocko Choza is ready to lure you with cakes, assorted mix of chocolates and chocolate bouquets.

Strawberry flavour blended perfectly with the pure cocoa powder with passion and excellence to finally give rise to a masterpiece Strawberry Chocolate cake especially prepared for the occasion. The chocolate crunchies give a dash of crispness in between a luscious indulgence.

When it’s Chocko Choza, you gotta be discerned about your chocolate senses. This item relishes your fantasy with absolute fantasy delights. Made with purest of Belgian chocolate flavour, this smooth chocolate anniversary cake is just another baking splendor from the masters of chocolates.

How about colors play with an anniversary item? This product is an absolute while and chocolate hide and seek playfulness. Made from milk chocolate and pure chocolate, the moist topping of this item holds crunchies to give to crackles of fun in between juicy bites. It heavenly delightful and surprisingly stunning! And the bites are beyond description – it takes you in a world of indulgence!!

Caramels had often been taken as a creative pair with chocolates. This crunchy caramel cake is a prepared out of expert mixing of caramel, milk chocolate and whipped cream. The decadent topping is a irresistibly inviting.

The blueberry chocolate cake – the name suggests how blueberries are given a different twist. For those who are unable to drop the guilt meter down, this is the item for you – its sinful yet salubrious! And yes, this appeases the vegans as well because it’s completely egg free!

So now that these exclusive items are under offer, all of you who have been at large from the masterpiece creations do take a call on your long lost desire. This is the time to treat you all, to bring you closer to chocolates and cakes, to let you binge dropping your guilt behind and to let you know what Chocolate signify for Chocko Choza. Come, let’s get drenched in the fun and let become a little sinful while having some scrumptious bites… Let rejoice in the name of Cakeslet’s rejoice with Chocko Choza!