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Online Cake Delivery is truly a delight
Aug 23

Cakes are one-of-a-kind delicacy that is loved by people of all age groups across boundaries. One such cake-loving city i... Read more

Tips on making unbreakable resolutions for this New year!
Dec 29

New year is not that far away. With a countless "I want to" and "I have to" the following year, it's more than necessary that you stick to a plan that you can swear by. But you know what they sa... Read more

How to make this year's "baking" a little more easy and effortless?
Dec 24

It's almost that time of the year again! With Christmas really close there’s hardly time to brush up on your baking... Read more

Beware Of The Cake That You Buy
Jul 20

Was not the cake dated far back to the French revolution? It held its prominence much before there was even any preservatives or additives in the market. So when did the cake get so complicated?... Read more

Christmas - A festival of Love
Dec 22

Read more

An outbreak of surprises!
Feb 11

Love has no boundaries and this boundless, limitless world is full of surprises and endearing. You simply needn’t have big surprises but as the saying goes, “Small things make big di... Read more

The New Year Chocko Blast!
Dec 22

Just a couple of days to the fading 2015 and every heart pounds with a mix of sensations – nostalgia and anticipations! When you stand on the transition and lo... Read more

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