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Friendship Day Sweet Send Off
Jul 23

Friendship Day Sweet Send Off...
Just as Friendship never gets old, Cakes and chocolates are never had enough...

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Celebration of First Heroes of Life
Jun 18

Every year on third Sunday of June, the world celebrates the real first Heroes of life – Father

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How to cut a tier cakes | Chocko Choza
Jun 13

The Cake Cutting Guide
Cake cutting might seem to be an easier job but precisely speaking, it is not so. If people are not trained to cut a c... Read more

A Tribute To Mothers
Apr 27

Though there are no special day to say " Mom, I love you", Mother's Day brings the entire globe together to fall on knees and say "Mom, I care!" Celebrating... Read more

Inspirations are rewarding
Mar 24

Women are the most scrupulous creations of the Lord. They are the most powerful being on earth yet always undermined and down looked- especially in a country l... Read more

Remembering the LORD with the new Easter collection
Mar 23

Easter calls for gourmet celebration, for this day breaks the elongated vegan dining. Easter eggs are special goodies decorated creatively to exchange with fri... Read more

How did you plan to celebrate woman’s day?
Nov 23


Right from the ages unknown to the time we exist, Women had been reckoned with esteem – power of universe, architect of the family and triumph card for businesses. ... Read more

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