Enchanting Christmas products and bewitching surprises

Wintery air, illuminated streets, red and white themed decorations and smiles all around mark the start of Christmas Holidays. From young to old, everyone seems to get along the spirit of joy – roll along the carol, decorate the Christmas trees and bake chocolates, cookies and cakes. And, when it’s mentioning of cakes and chocolates, how can we be zipped behind! We have recently revamped our digital media and have donned ourselves with a completely new avatar – aptly reflecting our chords to quality baking!  We are in full swing with great products already catering to the gluttons of bakery. Finest quality ingredients to most creative crafting our savouries are even more enjoyable and indulging. And yes, there are quirky, blindsiding and jaw-dropping surprises too! So, sit back and enjoy as we present to you our line of Christmas products befriended with lots and lots of dumfound surprises.

Plum cakes and puddings:

This time the makers have decides to dish out “Plum madness”. Check out the line of plum crafting like cakes, mini cakes and puddings – that’s dark, rich and dellllliciouuuuusss... The indulgence is succulent, scrummy yet often interrupted with nutty crunches.  You get these yummy plum collections with or without eggs. The packaging is done most scrupulously keeping in mind that its Yuletide gifting season and you might just pass over to your best buddy.

The Santa Christmas gift bundles

How about gifting a decadent basket of chocolates, truffles and cookies with Santa mask and a Santa Claus inside? Well, well, well... You got it right! This is exclusively on board for shipping meant just to tuck in the very spirit of wintery, shivery and merry Christmas. Oh, did we mention that Santa and his mask are not edible?

Christmas Chocolate House

This is surely our favourite – residing inside the softest corner my heart. Made of compound milk chocolate and more, this is a visual treat indeed. Taste wise- this is an epic! The house reflects the image a wooden log house perched deep into the icy lands of the North – probably been dwelled by Santa and his elves.

Creative Cakes illustrating a creative finesse, reflecting Christmas spirit

Whoa! We bet you be bowled by the collection here. Check out the moist frostings so beautifully designed to depict the legends of Yuletide season. White Winter lands run over by Santa Claus on his legendary sledge pulled by Reindeers with green Pines here and there scrambled around. A visual treat indeed, this creative collection is sure to remain etched to your memory forever!

And the surprises...

Now, hold on your breath as we reveal to you what’s inside:

  • Free cake delivery in 60 minutes flat within 5km of Coimbatore.
  • Cake shopping starts at Rs. 795 only.
  • Gift vouchers worth Rs. 250 and Rs. 500 available at outlets
  • And finally the boom – Santa Claus himself delivers the order on your doorstep!!!

Exciting enough? Drop us a visit soon at: http://www.chockochoza.com/christmas-new-year.html