A cup of hot coffee and Cold mornings are the perfect Indications that Winter is On!! Yes , It’s Time for chill mornings :)It therefore brings in the Excitement and Gig of the Christmas Eve.

Baking of Festive Cakes is an Art

It’s Christmas time folks! We all would be much Excited to welcome the month of December as it brings the Festivities - Christmas & New year together.

Yes ! It’s the season of Merries, JIngles, Frosty night and Santa’s gifts.Winter brings in the Excitement of Christmas and reminds us about the Richness of Plum cakes.

Chocko choza is best in class premium cake shop in Coimbatore. We craft Quality cakes, Chocolates, Chocolate bouquets and Ice creams. And once the christmas mode is on We love to bake our signature dessert which is Deliciously Rich Plum cake. Cakes are baked with the Love & Richness of Almonds, Pistachio, Apricots and Nuts soaked in Rum and Wine.


Hence Baking is an Art and Chocko choza bake the Rich delicacies with Creative delights to Indulge you in the world of Baking. Be it any celebrations in your family we never failed to delight you, from Anniversary cakes to Birthday cakes we craft 60+ unique delicacies and serve the best cakes in Coimbatore. And Yes we owe the success to our beloved patrons. They drive us through the positive word of mouth and there by our retail chains are growing.

We therefore aim at making our customers special occasions more memorable with our delicious cakes.

The moment the festive day flashes in our mind.

During Christmas the things that come to mind are good ole Santa Claus, the elegantly decorated Christmas tree and the Christmas eve celebrations held at night across Churches the world over. With Christmas nearing close, stores and malls are all decked up in Reds, Greens & Whites. Santa, sleighs, snowmen, bells, candles, candies, angels and many others are some of the things symbolizing Christmas.

Christmas Mode on! Santa is Coming to town

Be it all ! The Excitement it brings after hearing the word ‘Santa’- It’s a Sheer Bliss. As is the case of Every year, Santa will be coming to town with his Sleigh along with lots of Gifts. Kids look forward to his coming all the year and Awaits for his gifts.

Ho Ho! Santa now delivers your Christmas Goodies at your doorstep.


Our santa is all the way to deliver the Christmas goodies. Lol! Don’t get scared if a fat dude, Bearded guy in Red Delivering Christmas goodies at your doorstep. :)

He Brings in the Warmth and Love to Bring in a holiday Cheer and Gig!

Exquisite and Rich delicacies for this Christmas Eve :)

This year Never the less for the festive! To delight the customers we bake A Chic and Class piece , Loaf of cakes. A Little something special just for you :)

Get your Fat pants ready ! :-D

Christmas And feast

Cakes would be Integral part of the Christmas feast. So each religious festival is celebrated with the unique signature dishes as the part of the feast. Christmas is one of the biggest festivals of India during Winter. And majorly feast would be the important part of the celebration.

It Spreads Joy

The reason why the Festival of Christmas is such a rage is that - It is all about celebrating and Spreading the joy! The Arrival of this festival along with the santa claus is the single most awaited thing during the year end season.

Strong thread of Unity

Behind the garb of providing Happiness, the Real job the festival of Christmas does is make people united. It Unites - Diverse in the threads of Race and Religion into one common and strong thread of Unity.

A month of Gifts

Gifting plays a huge part in the Festival of Christmas. The Christmas is been celebrated by presenting and receiving gifts in varied forms and they are exchanged on Large basis.

Christmas- An Epitome of Joy and Blessings

Christmas is the time to soak in the Cheer and Happiness. Celebrate it with your loved ones this Christmas with Chocko choza Delicacies.


Finally, to bring in the Christmas Cheer!

Lets all go back and step back to our Childhood memories..

Moving around the Hay for making Christmas cribs, Running to shop for crepe papers, Hanging of the big  Christmas stars with the sounds of Jingles, Angels all the way, Carols and Santa’s with the Gifts around :)

It's Christmas

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh

Hey, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh

Hey, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh..

With the Aroma of the Cake Boutiques making out the  Rich Plum cakes. Definitely! An Added Bliss to the celebrations.

Head to our store soon before it gets over from the shelf!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. May the days be as Santa- Fun, Cheerful with Loaded memories.