Remember the verse put forth by Phillip Brooks – “Let every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely, 'Christ is risen,' but 'I shall rise.'”

Easter is also known as “Resurrection Sunday” when the Lord rose up from the dead. This is the day dedicated for the celebration for the Lord tracing back to the mortal earth once again. This day signifies joy, peace and hope. The week before Easter is a Holy Week that commemorates Maundy Thursday, Last Supper and the Good Friday when people mainly avoid eating gourmet food.

Easter calls for gourmet celebration, for this day breaks the elongated vegan dining. Easter eggs are special goodies decorated creatively to exchange with friends and relatives. Legends tell eggs were painted red in memory of the Jesus Christ, signifying the bloodshed during the crucifixion. However, with modern day adoption, Easter eggs have now metamorphosed into chocolate eggs. Also Chocolate Bunnies are Easter gifts signifying the messenger of Easter-just like Santa Claus in Christmas!

And, when there is mentioning of chocolates, how can we stumble behind? After a long 40 days lent, when Easter arrives, it calls for great celebration. It is said, exchange of gifts on this day makes people happy. And, when people are happy, the Lord is elated! Check into Chocko Choza’s exciting new offering for Easter.

Gently slide into a milk chocolaty affair.
As said, Easter eggs are special denotations of Easter, enjoy this egg made of white chocolate with an indulging milk chocolate nestled just in the middle.


White Chocolate Bunny rising out of a dark chocolate cake
Bunnies are Easter messenger. They need grand calling. Gift it to someone or put this white chocolate bunny cake on your centre table and spark the spirit of Easter.

Galaxy Indulgent chocolate eggs on a chocolate cake
When Easter means chocolate, let’s not forget chocolate in every presentation. This chocolate nest carrying Easter eggs commences the celebration of peace and hope. Do share with loved ones.

Enliven the Easter spirit with the hen and her eggs
While the Easter hen is busy warming her eggs, we’ve put them in a basket for you to carry to your friend’s house! Enjoy this chocolate hen with chocolate Easter eggs on Easter eve and enliven the Easter true spirit!

White bunny hops into your home bringing peace and joy along
Made of delicious white chocolate, this bunny symbolizes the messenger of peace and joy. Share with loved ones to indulge into the bliss of Easter!

Basket full of bunny, eggs and hen – what a gourmet Easter gift indeed!!
Do not miss on any Easter specialties. Grab this basket and carry on to your loved ones’ house. Celebrate Easter in its true sense.