Well, Easter is one of the most awaited times whose arrival bring eccentric yet joyous moments and endures every heart with sweet cravings. There’s a legend that weaves Easter importance with cakes, chocolates and BUNNY! The Easter Bunny, often resembling the immortal character of Father Christmas, brings basket full of colourful eggs, candies, chocolates, cakes, toys and more and distributes it to children on earth.

Spring Goddess Easter is about to set in, so does our special Easter edition. Pinning of Young Hearts have already started. A sinful ride into sweetest of savouries seems to begin. And when there’s mentioning of chocolates and cakes, no one can stop us from offering the best of delights. At Chocko Choza, we have all the reasons to celebrate our passion for cakes. Easter is one of such occasions when we strive to recreate our ingenuity on cakes and chocolates.

Easter is a family affair and we have strikingly elegant special family gifts that abide each member with love, compassion and commitment. Let’s take a trail through our special edition of products:

It isn’t Easter if there’s not a basket tucked with enough of Easter eggs. Finest of milk chocolates artistically curved to design a hen and colourful eggs is one of the most beautiful ways to greet someone a Warm Easter!!

When wishes are concocted with heavenly scrumptious eggs and cakes, it makes Easter exuberantly special! Set into an absolute Easter mood with these heavenly delicious Easter eggs placed gently on a Dark Chocolate Cake.

It’s always an uncanny pleasure to gnaw those Bunny ears on an Easter eve. Presenting to you a white Bunny resting on a Dark Chocolate topping of a Chocolate cake to elude you into a fantasy of Bunny Bite!!

Shinny and Vibrant Chocolate Eggs are just fun, yummy and surprising!! Enjoy this Easter with some heavenly fills and angelic colours.

Chocko Choza is a one stop shop for those who are just fanatic about chocolates. We cater to eyes and taste buds alike. Our Easter edition of gift packs is not limited to the above mentioned. There’s more. Each of these themes is artistically thought and carved out to prepare a perfect Easter gift. Come visit our site to traverse through the most eye arresting, nostalgic and soul satisfying Easter Gifts ever!!