Every year on third Sunday of June, the world celebrates the real first Heroes of life – Father. Whether, he is a father of new born or a patriarch of a family that has its siblings long flown – a father is always hold high with esteem and gratitude above all living beings on earth. And when the world celebrates the Heroes of family, the three world conspires together to bring to his disposal all the happiness and love he deserves of.

This Father's day we are remembering the treasured memories and advices given to us by our fathers. Governed by the belief that it was our Father who stood the odds of life to raise us to this day, we at Chocko Choza have decided to take our hats off, bow down and speak out from within the heart – "I LOVE YOU DAD".

This year is ain't like several other years gone by – we have crafted a range of creative masterpieces to pay gratitude and send out messages of love & respect. Cakes and chocolates crafted especially to reflect Father's way of loving & caring and bouquets to uphold his sacrifices & endurance with vibrancy.

We know, every DAD has his different persona and hence we are ready to offer different DADs with different items – that match up to his lifestyle and his personality.

For the "HIGH-ON" lifestyle DAD

The "High on" lifestyle Dad is very spirited, curves his own way of life yet holding kid's responsibilities to the top of all priorities. He is ever smiling, influencing and promising and loves to party a lot. For him we have brought to this:

For the “NOSTALGIC” Dad

This kind of DADs are stuck in past – they remember and cherish their old days more than appreciating the modern ways of life. He is better conveyed through hard work and words. For him, we've printed cakes and message-based chocolates. You can do a little bit of hard work to scour through the internet or exercise your brain a bit to write to us great quotes that make you DAD smile. We will print your message on our cake and drop on your doorstep the surprise!


For the DAD who is an ultimate chocolate lover, we bring to them our signature chocolate collection. From the luscious cake collections to the bundles of Belgian bliss and the ever so beautiful & indulging chocolate bouquets – Fathers will be spoilt for choices, for sure!

Finally, for the "MOUSTACHE"DAD

And, finally the one thing that most fathers brag of – their moustache. Let's give him a chance to celebrate his most prized possession – his Moustache by gifting him this ultimate chocolate "Moustache"cake.