Sweltering summer noons. When everyone thinks to take a quick nap inside the dark room under the fan, MOM still sheds her sweat in the kitchen cleaning and doing the dishes! Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, there’s no relief for a MOM. Sun goes down and the moon giggles – MOM reads out lessons to her kids. For a nonstop 24/7 selfless service – end of the day – everyone forgets paying some gratitude. Thanks to Mother’s Day that kids take time off to make MOM realize that it her who brought them to the world, availed them afternoon naps, gave them bed time stories and made them capable enough to fend on own!

To make my MOM realize that she is my ANGEL on earth, I thought of a surprise plan weeks prior to Mother’s Day.

I called up my aunt who lives at 30 minutes drive from my place to invite my MOM on Mother’s Day at her place for an hour or two. I scoured through the internet to find few surprises for her which I would give her when she returns back home. I stumbled through the Mother’s Day special collection by Chocko Choza. The purple chocolate bouquet and the red velvet cake stroke my senses – though my Mom is not so fond of chocolates but purple makes her happy and I remembered that the red velvet cake she thoroughly enjoyed when we brought last on her birthday! I placed an order with a special request to drop it only on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day arrived. As per prior plan, my MOM went out to aunt’s place. It was 11a.m. I rushed to the kitchen to prepare lunch & dinner both – thought of giving her a day off in the kitchen too. My father is a darling – he co-ordinated all through my surprise plan and had never made MOM sense the cooking behind! Quickly prepared few items with Dad and decorated room with balloons and glitters.

12.30p.m.The Bell door rang! Yuhoo... Chocko Choza delivery arrived – Just on time! I placed the cake on the centre table and asked Dad to handover the purple bouquet when Mom arrives. Everything’s ready and excitement meter soared high.
1.15p.m. Ting Tong! Mom arrived. I couldn’t stop smiling. Opened the door and there she is... Spell bound & awe struck! As tears rolled on, I said “No one can ever replace what you did for me MOM... Happy Mother’s Day.”

As my Dad handed over the purple bouquet, she realized though there are no words of gratitude every day, somewhere deep inside heart everyone, every day pays off to a MOTHER.

Special thanks to Chocko Choza for the wonderful Mother’s Day Collection making more and more Mother’s happy similarly nationwide!