All this month, we were inspired, touched and impacted highly by the inspiring entries coming in from all over India. Each and every post conveyed one message "Moms are real angels".

From school goers to experienced professionals shared with us their Mom's inspirations. We got to know how every mother on earth puts effort... makes sacrifices... inspire her kids and leads them to light with care and perfection. Salute to all Mothers on earth! No one can take your place indeed! Our wall was flooded with posts while few of them welled up our eyes too No wonder, the most inspirational post won back with maximum likes and shares. It feels amazingly wonderful and pride to roll out the names of the winners, for they truly deserve to be the best... For those who haven't won, don't worry, we have lot more coming up next month... try luck next time... 

Here rolls on the name of the winners along with their posts:

1. Nikitha Verma

There are innumerable such moments.... Can't even count them...but thank you for such moment that is unforgettable is when I was in my first year of college, I had come home for Diwali after 3 months. That was the first time I had been away from for so long. There was a family function as well in my family so my mother was busy with the others in its preparation. Though I tried a lot to have a moment with her so that I could share my experiences and excitement of college and hostel with her but as she was too busy we couldn't. But I didn't complain or crib as I understood the situation. The day when I had to leave, ma and papa dropped me to the station. As I hugged them both before getting into the train, I spotted a tear drop in her eyes. I asked what's wrong and she said she was upset that she couldn't spend time with me. She so much wanted to but due to the responsibilities, she couldn't manage to. I hugged her again and said its completely okay. When I got into the train and sat near the window, I started waving then goodbye but they couldn't see as the window glass was tinted. I could see my mom crying but I could go nothing as she couldn't see me. The train started moving and I called her up immediately consoling her and promising to share each and every details over the phone. That moment made me realise how important it was for her to listen to me and it made her cry that she couldn't. I love her the most in the world!

2. Swarna Latha

Mother's day Special

Few months ago, when I was discussing about his friends, homework and school, my son confessed that he doesn’t discuss about me with anyone because he was ashamed of my disability. This was the last thing a mother wanted to hear about herself from her child. I wept incessantly. I could not scold him because he had not done any wrong. Only thing required was change of perspective. I waited for the right opportunity and took him with me when I was addressing Rotary Club. After my speech, Rotarians gave a standing ovation. That was the moment I looked at him when his chest swelled up with pride and respect. He had changed; actions speak louder than words. 9-year old Gagan is now a state-level swimmer, won many prizes in Karate, Cycling, extracurricular activities and tops his class in studies. He proudly now declares that he has the best mother in the world.

3. V. Ramesh Kumar