The New Year Chocko Blast!


Just a couple of days to the fading 2015 and every heart pounds with a mix of sensations – nostalgia and anticipations! When you stand on the transition and look back to the trail of fun, agony and excitement you walked past the last year, they strike the chord to your heart wishing if the time had never gone. And when you look forward, your eyes gleam with excitement. So, the transition itself spreads out a chilling sensation down the spines. And when things around get crazy, it’s time to party! Waive off the nostalgia and hold on your apprehensions and BOOOOM! Let the New Year party begins!

Throw in to a time that’s not gonna come for another 365 days – damn 365 days! Call in your friends, relatives and colleagues to collect together and dash into this time of the year. And when celebrations around, how can we be distance apart. So, we are here again with chocolate-filled baskets and surprise-filled offers. Each year Chocko Choza waits for the New Year to arrive soon so that it can take out of it’s the best kept secrets. As of this New Year 2016, Chocko Choza is super jumpy to exhibit its finest of creations and spread oodles of surprises. So, why the wait? Let the show begins:

Yummy plumy cakes for a brimming party scene

Booze by the side, trail of tiny lights and snow outside – isn’t that a picture perfect New Year? No. A New Year without a cake is incomplete. This time Chocko Choza brings to you yummy new collection of plum cakes that melts inside mouth leaving behind an unquenchable desire to have more and more and more... Easy to go under the knife and slide down the tract to the stomach, the plum cakes are not the ordinary ones you get in a store nearby. Just grab it to feel the difference. Finest of ingredients blended in to smear the New Year excitement with sweet and gooeyness!

The chocolate indulgence sets you on over the top experience

From luxury & decadent chocolate boxes to the succulent chocolate cakes – the chocolate drill this time is out of the world! The collection includes freshly made pure chocolate cake, Pure Belgian chocolate boxes and truffles, the chocolate lumber cake and the Dark Black Forest – enough to fancy your whims of choco-fondness?

Egg free cakes for the vegans out there!

Now that you are vegan, bring your cake glutton to the front as we bring to you a range of Egg free cakes that ready to tickle your buds and sight alike. Even our theme cakes have been specially crafted to make them egg less and taste as heavenly sinful as ever.

So, invite all your vegan friends together and watch out for the exact twelve on the wall. And, BOOM! Say cheers, cut the cake and embrace the New Year with gleaming eyes and pounding heart.

Ho, it’s not just the cakes and chocolates; we are making the buzz about. It’s our super exciting “Roll and Win” contest that’s all set to give you a real dash of adventure.

Yes, we’ve organized an online rolling the dice contest that ensure every participant receives a sure “waive off” from any purchases. Big discounts, Big cake sale - are you rolling in?