New year is not that far away. With a countless "I want to" and "I have to" the following year, it's more than necessary that you stick to a plan that you can swear by. But you know what they say, "Resolutions are made to be broken". Well, let's break that notion! Haven't settled down on any specific goal this year, then do so today. Here's how you get started:

  1. Writing down your goals (in specific terms)means you are likely to achieve them.

pen down what you what to conquer the coming year. Having it written down creates a sense of determination to achieve what you want to. put it all on paper and you can pick out the ones you want and need to attain.

  1. Reword your goals so that its clear and crisp and covers the exacts.

Once you've made peace with what's in your mind, it's time to drill deeper. Filter the "must" from the "maybe" and put away the ones that seem irrelevant. Here is where you make your list a whole lot precise!

  1. Post your written goals in someplace where you can see them.

Put your list up where you can see it; at all times. By doing so you will non consciously be reminded of the promise you have made to yourself. Write it in bold if you must or in flashy colours to catch your attention every time.

  1. Plan a realistic timeline to stay on track and a defined action plan for each goal.

Make a map on how you plan on achieving your target. Keep it simple and realistic so you don't fall off track. Remember this phase is where you decide how to put your goals in place so plan really wisely.

  1. Share your goals with friends and family for invaluable support and assistance.

It's always a wise idea to let your close ones in on the decisions you will be taking. This way they are well informed of what they ought or ought not to get you involved in. You don't anything to come a shock to them in the ninth hour!

  1. Start a journal and use it to track your progress.

Have your progress recorded. It's the best way to introspect and find where you've slipped and where you've succeeded. If you aren't much of a writing fan, least jot down notes across your action plan on how you're holding up.

  1. Create a motivational collage with inspirational pictures, encouraging words and quotes. Make it vibrant and make sure it's all glued together and placed where you can see it daily. This will only push you closer towards achieving what you set out for.

  2. Don't expect perfection. You will mess up and make mistake so make room for the errors in your action plan as well.

It's perfectly alright to come short of your plan on certain days. Just make sure it's not occurring too frequently. Likewise make room in your action plan for contingencies as well.

  1. Develop plan B as an alternative to reach your goal.

Say you've completely let go of the map you've made and need to start afresh. Go ahead and do so. But it's a lot less challenging if you've already gone that extra mile and drafted plan B well in advance. This will save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary stress with the new just around the corner.

  1. Reward yourself for each milestones that you reach.

Last but not the least is to make sure you pamper yourself for your achievements. It isn't easy to reach a certain milestones so do reward yourself when you do so!


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