Love has no boundaries and this boundless, limitless world is full of surprises and endearing. You simply needn’t have big surprises but as the saying goes, “Small things make big difference”, a little surprise now and then makes the love blossom every day, every season and just for ever… Driven by the idea of fun and surprises that keeps the bond of love nourished and fresh as ever, we thought of smearing this Valentine’s Day with surprises and indulgence so that you bond with your Valentine a bit stronger and that we bond you a bit friendlier!!

Chocko Choza’s attempt to make a difference this Valentine worked wonders when we were overwhelmed with influx of orders pouring in from across the nation, each wanting their valentine to feel special this day. And what made us rave with insanely popular this season – “an outbreak of surprises”. An exclusive range of products besetting love birds with heart throbs and astonishments grabbed nationwide recognition and appreciation. Why? We have two genuine reasons to advocate our call. Let’s take a look.


Products that helped lovers paint the town red


Donning an avatar of romance and gratification, all our valentine’s products conveyed the message of love straight to the heart. As we believe, “love is flamboyant yet caressing” our products helped lovers express their feeling in the most flamboyant manner with caring and feeling etched deep into their hearts.


Take for examples, our chocolate bouquets arranged with flowers – say, what could have been more suitable to ask the hands of lady with hands holding flowers and chocolates? A countless number of orders poured in for these products with feedbacks in return saying these goodies helped cupid strike love faster. Nevertheless, cakes and chocolate bars had their own share of popularity as usual as they determined indulgence and sharing all the while…


Offers that knocked every single heart with ‘SURPRISES’


As we said, “Love must have surprises now and then to strengthen the bond as ever”, we doled out special offers that delivered great surprises. For orders coming across from Coimbatore, our team went out delivering products to buyers’ valentines on a day that they never expected. All deliveries elicited dazzling smiles on recipient’s face and the fleet went crazier with every passing day. Yes, and also a special midnight delivery for those who were newly in love and wished to give it countless years of cherishing were too on the charts which made our products even more desirable and loving.


Chocko Choza’s attempt to make chocolate lovers happier than ever just went crazy with a breeze… This piece of read goes out to those who appreciated our effort to make it the best Valentine ever and to those who haven’t yet – but will surely do….