More than a century back on March 8, 1908 when more than 15000 women marched through the streets of New York lunging out loud for their rights, International Women’s Day was born. Since then, IWD is celebrated all around the world to respect, recognize and revere the WOMANHOOD. IWD is very special for us, for this day opportune us to design and craft special gifts and offers only for the creator, the care taker, the care giver – WOMEN!


On this women's day, every year, our office almost gets a brawl with hot discussions. This year we collected all our employees inside a conference room and sparked up a discussion on “Whom would you like to idolize for your ideology – a rustic Indian beauty taking care of home solely or a smart city outgoer helping you with finance?” It wasn’t an easy question to retort to. While some bailed away saying village girls can be well tamed and hence best fit a house hold, some advocated city ladies saying they are outgoing, smart and responsible – maybe she is little less expert in kitchen but dare not challenge her on overall income contribution, giving kids the best manners, helping you with loans and finally help outsource Kitchen drudge.

While the brawl took a serious plight of words, I slowly slided into a Riviera of thoughts each battling with another. I wondered, why would there be any such favouritism lying between villages and cities. Every woman has her own identity, has her own disposition and character. Every woman is born to care and be cared. Every women regardless of wherever they are from has her own voice – right to stand equal and strong like others in the family! Every woman – mum, sister, friend, wife, daughter, granny, aunty... are meant to be respected, pampered and taken care of every day, every minute – for it is said “Women are masterpieces designed by God in his leisure”.

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