March 8 marks the occasion to celebrate graciousness, vivaciousness, flamboyance & caressing-ness! Alluring dining menu, vibrant dresses or a long cherishing drive might be on your charts to celebrate this Woman’s Day most enthusiastically, but, think a little different!

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes, “Diamonds and Chocolates are girl’s best friend?” We swear by the assertion. Give a girl a chocolate and her heart will soon transform into a consolidation of the three world’s generosity! After much of mind blogging research and thorough trail through woman’s nature, we present to you exclusive chocolate gifts for the season.

If you have a significant nose to quality chocolate product, then Chocko Choza is your stop! This pure Chocolate Cake is one of a kind gift you can present to her as a token of sweetest memories she bestowed upon you. Two vibrant flowers rest on its moist topping symbolizing a women’s heart that is as tender as flower. It comes with a greeting card on which you can pen down your feelings and spun a bond of love while presenting it to her.

Personalized Printed Woman’s Chocolate:

Take her picture and pen down a unique, heart pouring message, send out to us while placing the order with us. Your message and your photo will be imprinted on this personalized chocolate making a whirl of wonder! We bet, nothing can elicit the brightest as this unique gift to your loving lady.

10 Reasons to say you are the best woman!

There are just countless reasons to say she is exceptional! Yet, you can just topple on some selected 10 reasons, outreach to her and whisper “this is why you tie the most enduring string to my heart”. Our box of ten chocolates each with an inscribed reason for being the best woman on earth is prepared to draw that electric smile on her face!

Women’s Day Lavendrous Bouquet:

Lavender -  colour of flamboyance, vivacity and liveliness, represent every such suppressed character of a woman which she tries to display it out to everyone but alas, could not because of tons of responsibility been imposed upon her. Let’s ignite the flame and show to her the real self. This unique gift prepared of chocolate disguised in the form of a lavendrous bouquet is just a way to show her she is the one who spells life to family.

For everyone else, it is a day to show Woman gratitude, respect and love... For Woman, waive off all your worries, let your hair down and do whatever you want to your heart’s content...